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Schedule a live or virtual tasting event for your group of 8 people with Conversatio Coffee owners, Timm & Lori Taff! 

We'll brew, taste, and learn about five of our popular roasts. (Roasts for this event may vary from the picture, trust what's listed here. Honest!) 

You'll also learn fun facts about each roast and the different growing regions  

Here's how it works:

  1. Add the Custom Event to your cart 
  2. Enter your email and phone number at checkout
  3. We'll contact you to schedule the event
  4. Send us a list of your friends you've invited (& their emails)

For virtual events:

  • Each household will receive a special box in the mail (each box will serve 2 people)
  • Each box includes five of our popular roasts in individual pour-over filters
  • Biscotti from our local friends at Cowpath Bakery & other palate cleansers
  • Instructions on how to brew the tastings
  • Zoom link for the event

For live events:

  • You and your friends will gather at our Roasting Barn
  • We'll brew each roast and learn of the origin
  • We'll discuss food pairing with the roasts, and of course - we'll provide a variety of food to sample! 

It's a fun event to learn more about coffee origins and all the nerdy stuff about coffee!


A discount code for future purchases will be sent to attendees.