Cold Brew Made Easy

August 9, 2020

Undoubtedly, the most frequent question we are asked during our summer markets is, “How do you make cold brew?”  

Cold brew is probably the simplest method of brewing coffee beans.  In all, it consists of coarsely ground coffee soaked in water. Strained. Ok, maybe that’s a bit simple--but I promise--it’s super easy!  To be clear, cold brew is different than iced coffee.  Iced coffee is brewing hot coffee and pouring it over ice.  If you like that edge that hot brew turned cold gives, then iced coffee may be your pick.  But if you prefer a smooth taste absent of bitterness, give cold brew a try!

First, let’s talk about the benefits of cold brew:  

  1. It’s much lower in acid.  Because the coffee is never heated during the brewing process it skips the acid & the edge that iced coffee produces.  I purchased ph strips and recorded each of our roasts’ PH reading in several different brewing methods.  Nerdy, I know, but fun!  Each point on the PH strip is exponential; the lower the number, the higher the acid.  7 is neutral.  Cold brew measured 6.5.

  2. This method will make a concentrate that will store in your fridge for up to 2 weeks.

  3. It tastes the same hot or cold.  That’s right, pour concentrate in a mug, add water (I’ll talk ratios later) and microwave.  Smooth tasting cup of joe - oops!  You let it sit until it cooled off?  Still tastes the same.  Smooth.  Thirsty yet?

Now let’s talk HOW to make it:  I started experimenting with a canning jar & coffee, progressing through most methods out there.  I landed on the Toddy Cold Brew System.  It really is our favorite method and we get rave reviews each week when we serve it on tap at our farmers markets.  The magic is in the felt filter.  So convinced, we now offer the Toddy Cold Brew System on our website.  Go to and check it out.  Our favorite roasts to cold brew with is Ethopian Dark & Medium & Indonesian.  You may prefer others, too.  


Cold Brew Coffee

8 oz Conversatio Coffee, coarsely ground 

10 cups filtered water

Toddy Cold Brew System (plug, felt filter & optional brewing bag)


  1. Put the plug in the Toddy, soak the felt filter in water and place in the bottom.  Line with the filter bag (makes clean up a breeze!).  

  2. Grind your coffee beans in a burr grinder on the coursest setting and pour in the filter bag.

  3. Add filtered water - don’t fill to the top, as it will expand some.

  4. Twist the top of the bag and cover with a plate.

  5. Let sit on your counter for 12-24 hours.  Cold brew packs a punch of caffeine; the longer it soaks, the more caffeine extracted.  Really.  

  6. When complete, hold Toddy over the pitcher & pull plug.  Rest on the pitcher until filtered.  Our recipe yields more than the included pitcher, so keep a canning jar or something else close, just in case.  

  7. Remove the filter bag.  Spread the grounds in your garden, compost or toss.

  8. Rinse the felt filter and store in the fridge in a Ziplock bag, damp.  You can reuse the filter about 10x. Wash out the bucket.

  9. Store concentrate in fridge for up to 2 weeks.

To use:

  1. Use straight over ice and add cream, flavors or whatever you like.  

  2. If you want to drink straight, we add water 4 to 1.  Personal preference.  Adjust accordingly.

  3. Heat up or drink cold.   



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melinda klossner

I recently bought the Toddy cold brew kit and WOW! Love the coffee and love the ease of making it with the Toddy . Super easy and truly Devine coffee. Every coffee lover should have a cold brew coffee maker. Try and I think every coffee lover will be hooked like I am.

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