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/kon' ver say' tio/

The act of living with or a way of life within community. Each bag of coffee offers a unique conversation to initiate a deeper connection within your community and maybe even change the world!

Not just a great cup of coffee. The conversation prompts are a great way to connect with someone you love!


Your coffee passion for spreading delight & joy is evident in the way you do business.


Have been enjoying two bags of coffee...had a lengthy conversation at breakfast stimulated by the package question.  The coffee fueled our conversation! 


This is the best decaf I have had. Very nice, smooth taste!


My order arrived just in time - a cup of my favorite coffee will make paperwork go a lot smoother.


For a limited time get free shippng on orders over $36.00

Find us.

Conversatio Credo

We believe in the power of conversation.

We believe good coffee is fuel for good conversation.

We believe in a good second cup of coffee.

We believe that good conversation and, by extension, good coffee can change the world.

The Roaster