Reframing 2020 Vision

2020 was going to be our year!  Our 4th year in business, my vision was new territory, new shows & additional customers.  Instead, COVID 19 forced us to step back into familiar territory... home. 

Our favorite part of this business is you, our customers. During quarantine days we saw you order more coffee online than normal - we joked that we could tell which of you were now working from home, needing more beans to fuel your days!  We welcomed more subscribers and saw customers from live events convert to online ordering.  For all of that we THANK YOU!  We greatly appreciate your business.  

Farmers Markets have been our focus this summer.  While we cut back the number that we do so that we can travel together (and I can sleep in the car), we look forward to each Saturday; to great conversations with market enthusiasts!  Adding our Cold Brew Iced Coffee & Nitro Brew on tap has been a fun addition - adding MORE conversations!  We are in Walla Walla the 1st & 3rd Saturdays and Wenatchee the 2nd & 4th.  (Note: Aug 1 we will NOT be in WW)

Our youngest graduated high school in 2020.  And while she experienced disappointments, lost opportunities and 'assumed' traditions, she also had opportunity to focus her vision.  See opportunies for growth.  Reframe expectations. In the Bible, a man named Paul encouraged friends in Rome to "Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer". (Romans 12.12)

I hope that you and your loved ones have been healthy during this time.  That you have received & given support to your people. Able to be thankful, find joy, slow down, and revisit values that may have gotten blurred in life.  

Maybe we needed a disruption in normal life to gain 2020 vision. 


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