Why Aeropress?

It’s snowing outside. The wind is blowing and I don’t have to go anywhere today. Winter is the perfect time to experiment with different coffee brewing methods!  

One of my favorite methods is the Aeropress:

It brews a consistent, quality cup each time I use it.  

It’s easy to make a cup with two shots and save the other two shots in a jar.  A couple of hours later I add hot water to those shots and I get a fresh, amazing cup of coffee.

If I want a ‘candy bar coffee’ - you know, all the added stuff to make a drink more like dessert - just use all the shots and you’ll actually taste the coffee. You might do stupid things faster, but that’s on you. 

It travels well. It fits in a small travel bag (included!). Hotels, camping, Airbnbs, you name it! All you need is a source of hot water. 

It brews each of our roasts well.  Sometimes, I prefer a brewing method for a specific roast or a specific roast for a brewing method.  Are you following? But, seriously, Aeropress is one of those methods that seem to deliver a great cup no matter which roast I choose!

Did I mention iced coffee?  Put that baby on top of a cup of ice and extract a great iced flavor!  Sometimes iced coffee (you know that’s different than cold brew, right?) can taste sharp or bitter, but nope–Aeropress iced coffee is smooth.  Whether the sun’s out, or it’s snowing.

So, maximize these winter months. Experiment with your favorite (or new) roasts & the Aeropress!

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