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Whole bean coffee from Peru. 

Organic . Dark chocolate . Smokey . Nutmeg

Available in 1 lb & 5 lb bags . Choose size in the drop down menu

From the mountains of Peru these beans encourage a pause to savor their depth. Brew this roast in your espresso machine, French press, or Aeropress to extract a rich, deep flavor. Use a pour over or drip to enjoy a satisfying cup. Delicious black, yet holds up well with cream and flavors for a unique experience. 

Brewing suggestions:


Pairing notes:
Sweet- think dessert, coffee cake, cookies

Origin Information:


El Palto



July - November



Fully washed and dried in the sun. Shade-grown





(Maps, data, & ag pictures credit:  Intercontinental Coffee Trading) 

Whole Bean Coffee



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