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Whole bean coffee from Colombia.

Available in 8 oz, 1 lb & 5 lb bags . Choose size in the drop down menu

Organic . Full-Body . Snaps of Chocolate & Cherry . Lots of personality

Discover medium-roasted coffee beans with a unique taste of chocolate & cherry. Providing a variety of elevations and the country's location to the equator, it's no wonder this country is well known for it's flavorful coffee.  

Brewing suggestions:


Pairing notes:
Savory - think cheese, meat, dark chocolate
Origin Information:


Colombia, central region



April - June | September - January



Fully washed and dried in the sun. Shade-grown


Additional Info 5 growing regions allow harvesting almost year-round


(Maps, data, & ag pictures credit:  Royal Coffee Co.) 

Whole Bean Coffee

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