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Whole coffee beans from Uganda.

Available in 8 oz, 1 lb & 5 lb bags . Choose size in the drop down menu

Rich . Fruity . Well Rounded . Grown by Small Family Farms . Organic

Roasted dark to accentuate berry overtones producing a smooth taste that will not disappoint.  Investments in Ugandan coffee growing areas have given small farms access to central washing areas.  Raised beds for drying allow a natural fermenting process and best organic practices are taught to ensure better yields and quality.  We try to source from the northern part of the country where small farms intercrop their coffee bushes with other fruit & nuts.  Specialty coffee is on the rise in Uganda!  We are proud to provide high-quality beans to you while supporting small, family farms through Fair Trade practices. 

Brewing suggestions:


Pairing notes:
Savory - think cheese, meat, dark chocolate
Origin Information:


Sipi, Kapchorwa District, Uganda



September - February



Fully washed and mechanically dried





Additional Info Volcanic ash soil; similar region to Kenya


(Maps, data, & ag pictures credit:  Royal Coffee Co.) 

Whole Bean Coffee

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